Noninvasive Hemodynamic Monitor

Improve Care

Reduce Risk

Reduce Cost

Clarifies hemodynamic status. Early diagnosis.
Simple, safe and fast. Reproducible and reliable.
Noninvasive cardiac output and stroke volume.
    BP+ with Central Blood Pressure.
Evidence and Education

Making Sepsis a Curable Disease

USCOM and early Antibiotics are Associated with Reduced Mortality, Morbidity and Management Costs in Patients with Sepsis and Septic Shock

Improve Care

  • Individualized Optimization
  • Rapid diagnosis and treatment
  • Directed and appropriate treatment

Reduce Risk

  • No invasive lines
  • Easy to learn
  • Right medication at the right time

Reduce Cost

  • Fast, easy to learn and economical
  • No supplies and accessories
  • Reproducible and reliable

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How It Works
News and Events

Latest News

  • World Congress on Paediatric Intensive and Critical Care Society 2014
  • USCOM on show in Thailand
  • Uscom partnership with Jinan Peoples Hospital, China
  • SCCM 2014
  • ASA 2013
  • Uscom at the Taiwan Society of Critical Care Medicine
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Recent Announcements

  • Uscom Manufactures First Australian BP+ Device
  • Uscom appoints new US distributor for USCOM 1A monitor
  • Uscom appoints three new UK distributors for BP+ blood pressure monitor
  • Uscom receives new US Patent notification for BP+ monitor
  • Uscom appoints new Scandinavian distributor
  • Uscom appoints new German distributor
  • Uscom appoints new European distributor
  • Uscom BP+ new hypertension gold standard in children
  • Uscom BP+ leading blood pressure technology; Global study
  • Uscom BP+ receives CE Mark for sales into Europe
  • Uscom appoints Deltex to distribution team
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Upcoming Events

  • Mastering Cardiac Output Monitoring 2014, London, UK - Jun 30
  • The Great World Fluid Debate 2014, London, UK - Jul 01
  • EBPOM, London, UK - Jul 02
  • National Perioperative CPET Forum, London, UK - Jul 04
  • Conference for Neonatal Nurses, Tarnów,, Poland - Sep 01
  • Neonatal Conference, Spytkowice near Rabka, Poland - Oct 01
  • Maternal Hemodynamics, Hasselt, Belgium - Oct 16
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