New USCOM 1A digital connectivity feature released

Uscom announced the availability of a digital connectivity enhancement for the USCOM 1A Cardiac Output Monitor. This technical feature which includes software and hardware developments allows wireless connectivity to remote digital medical record systems and telemetric transfer of medical examination data.

The digital wireless connectivity feature allows for remote connection to most electronic medical record systems and simplifies the wireless transfer of USCOM 1A examination data to a central medical records archiving system. The USCOM 1A uses the Health Level 7 (HL7) standards to provide an interface to Hospital Information Systems that can share and manage Electronic Medical Records. HL7 is an international standard for transfer of clinical data between devices and healthcare applications. The implementation of HL7 is fundamental for future market segments involving remote monitoring and cloud based analysis and patient diagnosis. In the US, China and much of Asia, the connectivity option is a prerequisite for tendering for medical device contracts, as electronic medical records become best practice. The feature is a technically complex hardware and software upgrade for the USCOM 1A and has been a significant investment and commitment for Uscom and the Uscom Engineers to develop and test.

The Uscom SprioSonic range of products also supports digital connectivity to medical record systems via the SpiroReporter application that connects to the SpiroSonic devices. The Uscom BP+ connects to the BP+ Reporter to provide a medical record storage system.

Executive Chairman of Uscom, Associate Professor Rob Phillips said “Uscom is establishing itself as a digital medical device specialist. We believe our future is firmly in premium quality non-invasive front end sensors connected to telemetric central archiving and analysis software stored on central servers or in the cloud. This creates great cost effective clinical care as patients can be examined and treated at home, thus reducing hospitalisation and acute medical presentations. Our SpiroSonic devices are sector leading in digital connectivity and are designed for wireless and remote connection to our SpirorReporter software. These devices are already being used by innovators in digital pulmonary health care in the US, and in research applications in Spain and France. The HL7 wireless feature will be vital for our renewed shift to the US market later in the year.