Uscom BP+ Approved by International Hypertension Society (BIHS)

The Uscom BP+ central blood pressure (BP) monitor has been approved for specialist use by The British and Irish Hypertension Society (BIHS). The approval of the BP+ followed independent evaluation of the Uscom BP+ technology and associated clinical evidence by BIHS experts.

The prestigious BIHS provides “the only independent, peer-reviewed list of blood pressure monitors that is not governed by commercial interest”. The BIHS review system for BP monitors was established to improve the standards of BP devices in clinical practice. BIHS internally reviews published validation studies of various BP monitors and approves those that meet their standards. The BP+ was approved under the most demanding “specialist use” category. This listing has become a de facto standard for BP monitors and is a key endorsement for large scale purchasing groups worldwide. The BP+ received CE Mark in December, which is the formal regulatory requirement for sale into Europe and is distinct from an independent recommendation from the BIHS approval.

The Uscom BP+ is a digital technology which provides direct measures of BP and pulse pressure waves at the heart (central BP), as well as basic BP information in the arm as current devices measure; thus the device is called the BP+. Previously such measurements were only available using invasive cardiac catheters, but the BP+ provides these data entirely noninvasively in 45 seconds.

Uscom CEO Associate Professor Rob Phillips said, “The Uscom BP+ is a sophisticated clinical technology that is changing the way we measure and manage hypertension, and is rapidly emerging as the global standard of care in this area of specialty. Recognition, by the prestigious BIHS, provides independent endorsement of the quality and accuracy of the BP+ technology. BIHS approval is a respected worldwide, and while we have had a number of outstanding publications confirming the superior clinical resolution of the Uscom BP+, independent societal endorsement is another step supporting volume sales. The BP+ has CE (European) regulatory approval, and is currently undergoing review for CFDA (China) and FDA (USA), which are expected later in the year.”

Approximately one third of all the worlds adults have hypertension, while only 20-30% of those affected have the disease controlled. Hypertension causes approximately 9.4M deaths per year and is responsible for approximately 50% of all heart disease and stroke deaths. These results may be improved by more accurate and relevant BP measurement methods and devices. Recent studies have identified that central BP measurements, such as measured by the BP+, improved diagnosis of hypertension and reduce the number and doses of drugs for effective hypertension management compared with the current BP devices that use simple cuff measurements from the arm.

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