Uscom Ltd is an Australian medical device company focused on non-invasive, high fidelity measurement of cardiovascular function. These measurements can be used to assess and manage hemodynamics. Optimizing circulation saves lives. USCOM provides for safe, rapid, accurate and cost effective optimization of circulation. USCOM takes advanced hemodynamics beyond the ICU.

Our current products include:

USCOM 1A - Hemodynamic Monitor

The USCOM 1A offers real-time, beat-to-beat measurements of 20 parameters of cardiovascular function including cardiac output, stroke volume and systemic vascular resistance with additional parameters such as cardiac power, stroke work and oxygen delivery.

The USCOM 1A is unique in being completely non-invasive, validated across a wide range of cardiac outputs in neonates, infants, children and adults, and is soundly patent protected.

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The Ultimate Central BP Arterial Stiffness Machine

The BP Plus is a sophisticated device that measures central and peripheral BP, arterial stiffness augmentation index, pulse rate variability using supra systolic oscillometry and performs central and peripheral Pulse Waveform Analysis and has a major application in hypertension research and management ranging from the ICU to home care.


BP+ is the next generation of non-invasive cardiovascular assessment technology. With a simple upper-arm cuff, it can provide:

BP+ provides comprehensive non-invasive cardiovascular assessment from an upper arm cuff. BP+ is as easy to use as automatic blood pressure measurement.

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