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Vascular Age

What is vascular age?

Vascular age is the apparent age of the blood vessels, particularly the arteries when compared to what is normal for the healthy population. Vascular age is affected by genetic predisposition, lifestyle choices and other factors.

Why is vascular age important?

A person whose vascular age is older than his or her chronological age may be at increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease later in life.

The effects of early vascular aging may best be managed by early intervention.

Vascular Age

The graph above shows early vascular aging along the red arrow, compared to normal vascular aging along the blue arrow. Early vascular aging may lead to premature cardiovascular complications. Early intervention can help to delay these events.

How can I gauge a patient's vascular age using BP+?

BP+ algorithms calculate peripheral Augmentation Index (AI). Augmentation index is known to increase with age. The following charts show the average value and range of augmentation index for 95% of people who are not pregnant, smokers, or on cardiovascular medications.

What is the normal range of augmentation index for women?

Augmentation Index for women

What is the normal range of augmentation index for men?

Augmentation Index for men