BP+ Current Evidence

Uscom maintains a reference of all current evidence for the BP+ product. Here is some of the latest evidence followed by a list of the current evidence by category.

Latest Evidence

Prospective study of use of non-invasive central blood pressure measurement to monitor outcomes in patients with severe obstructive sleep apnoea

Raymond Mariasoosai, Denise O'Driscoll, Robert MacGinley, Alan Young

Presented: SDU

Validation of USCOM BP+ in children and adolescent: a preliminary observation

Saikia, Bedangshu; Derrick, Graham; Fordham, Tony; Brierley, Joe

Presented: SCCM 2016

Published: Critical Care Medicine: December 2015 - Volume 43 - Issue 12 - p 30–31 doi: 10.1097/01.ccm.0000473945.15805.ee

Arterial pressure: agreement between a brachial cuff-based device and radial tonometry

Park, Chloe M.; Korolkova, Olga; Davies, Justin E.; Parker, Kim H.; Siggers, Jennifer H.; March, Katherine; Tillin, Therese; Chaturvedi, Nish; Hughes, Alun D.

Published: Journal of Hypertension: April 2014 - Volume 32 - Issue 4 - p 865–872 doi: 10.1097/HJH.0000000000000082

Validation of oscillometric pulse wave analysis measurements in children

Stoner L, Lambrick DM, Westrupp N, Young J, Faulkner J

Published: American Journal of Hypertension 2014, doi:10.1093/ajh/hpt243

Central blood pressure: current evidence and clinical importance

McEniery CM, Cockcroft JR, Roman MJ, Franklin SS, Wilkinson AB

Published: Euro Heart J 2014;doi10.1093/eurojeartj/eht565


Evidence by Category

Clinical Applications

Surgery and Anaesthetics
Heart Failure
Drugs Management

Clinical Validation

Validation against Thermodilution
Validation against Echo
Validation against Transoesophagel Doppler
Validation against FICK
Validation against Artificial Heart
Validation against Blood Pressure

Laboratory Validation

Independent Laboratory Testing
Evaluation of USCOM against Flow Probes


Sports Medicine
Veterinary and Animal Research
Reliability and Reproducibility
General Validation